Vital Statistics Extracted From the
Belleville (Ill.) Daily Advocate
1927 - 1954

© Nancy Giles, Georgetown, Kentucky 1997 - 2007.
Generously donated to the St. Clair County (Illinois) Genealogical Society in 2008.

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SCCGS wishes to recognize Joy Fisher, Los Angeles, California, for her expertise and generosity
converting Mrs. Giles' information into a searchable online database.

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Extracted Data:


Event (Adoption, Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Divorce, Death)

Event date (Some dates are calculated using newspaper issue day or date as a guide to determine the event date

Newspaper Title (DA = Daily Advocate)

Newspaper date

Newspaper page

Newspaper column

Article title

More than 132,000 vital statistics derived from the Belleville (Ill.) Daily Advocate 1927 - 1954 constitute this database. It is an extremely valuable resource for ancestral material after the 1930 census.

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Please credit the source of information using the following suggested Reference Note format:

Nancy Giles, "Belleville (Ill.) Daily Advocate 1927 - 1954," database, St. Clair County (Ill.) Genealogical Society, Vital Statistics Extracted From the Belleville (Ill.) Daily Advocate 1927 - 1954 ( : [today's date] ), entry for [ancestor's name], ["Article or Headline Title"], [newspaper date, page, column].

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Indexes point to the original material which, in many cases, provides even more information.

Order article copies from SCCGS.

Search microfilm on your own, available at

After a photocopy of the original article is obtained, citations will refer to that photocopy rather than the database, as in the following example:

Jane Doe obituary, Belleville Daily Advocate, Belleville, Illinois, 1 January 1945, [section if applicable], page 1, column 3.

Note: Some articles contain more inforamation than others. Obituaries usually provide more information than a death notice. Some regular columns were just lists of names (such as one titled "Births" for example).

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