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Holy Cross, Mt. Evergreen, and St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Cemeteries Burial Index, St. Clair County, Illinois


This web page provides an index to more than 3000 different family names found on 7800 tombstones in the above named cemeteries. Full inscriptions are available for purchase in separate cemetery publications here. Additional burials in 140+ county cemeteries are located here.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 25 Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township, at the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50. Burials date from 19072000. Holy Cross and Mt. Carmel (Belleville) received bodies originally buried in St. Henry Catholic Cemetery (East St. Louis) when that cemetery had to be relocated. This index represents nearly 3000 burials in Holy Cross.

Burials in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery date from 19141997. It is the single most important burial place of Polish Catholics in the county. In addition to tombstones readings, this index includes names from unmarked gravesites found in the sexton's book. The cemetery is located on the southwestern edge of Fairview Heights, near Belleville. More than 2400 tombstones are represented here.

Mt. Evergreen is the City Cemetery of Millstadt, Illinois. Burials date from 19081996. Over 2400 tombstones are represented in this index.

TAAKE	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
TABAKA	   St. Adalbert
TALIFERRO	   Mt. Evergreen
TALLANT	   Mt. Evergreen
TAPP	   Holy Cross
TARCZON	   St. Adalbert
TARJANY	   Holy Cross
TAYLOR	   Holy Cross
TAYON	   Holy Cross
TEBEAU	   Holy Cross
TEEL	   Holy Cross
TEGTMEIER	   Mt. Evergreen
TEMPLEMAN	   St. Adalbert
TEMPNER	   Mt. Evergreen
TENDLER	   Mt. Evergreen
TERESZCZUK	   St. Adalbert
TESSMER	   Holy Cross
TETER	   Mt. Evergreen
TETTAR	   Holy Cross
THARP	   Holy Cross
THEIS	   Holy Cross
THEOBALD	   Mt. Evergreen
THIS	   Holy Cross
THOENE	   Holy Cross
THOMAS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
THOMPSON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
THOMURE	   Holy Cross
THORNTON	   Holy Cross
THURMAN	   Holy Cross
TIBERT	   Holy Cross
TILLMAN	   Holy Cross
TIMPER	   Holy Cross
TISSIER	   Holy Cross
TITCHENEL	   Holy Cross
TLUCZEK	   St. Adalbert
TODD	   Mt. Evergreen
TOENJES	   Mt. Evergreen
TOENJIES	   Mt. Evergreen
TOENNIES	   Mt. Evergreen
TOKARSKA	   St. Adalbert
TOKARSKI	   St. Adalbert
TOLBERT	   Holy Cross
TOLEN	   Holy Cross
TOLLER	   Holy Cross
TOMASZEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
TOMASZEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
TOOMEY	   Holy Cross
TOTSCH	   Holy Cross
TOUCHERT	   Mt. Evergreen
TOURVILLE	   Holy Cross
TOUSSAINT	   Holy Cross
TRAUB	   Holy Cross
TRAVIS	   Holy Cross
TRESNIAK	   St. Adalbert
TRIBOUT	   Holy Cross
TRIEU	   Holy Cross
TRIJCIE	   Holy Cross
TRIPP	   Mt. Evergreen
TROJAN	   St. Adalbert
TRUEMANN	   Holy Cross
TRUTTMANN	   Holy Cross
TRYTKO	   St. Adalbert
TUCKER	   Holy Cross
TULEJA	   St. Adalbert
TULIN	   St. Adalbert
TUNCIL	   Holy Cross
TURNER	   Holy Cross
TUTHILL	   Holy Cross
TWARDOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
TYKALOWICZ	   Holy Cross
TYKALOWICZ	   St. Adalbert
TYL	   St. Adalbert
ULITT	   St. Adalbert
UNGER	   Mt. Evergreen
UNKNOWN	   St. Adalbert
URBANEK	   St. Adalbert
URBANOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
URBAS	   St. Adalbert
UTT	   Holy Cross
VAHLKAMP	   St. Adalbert
VALERIUS	   Mt. Evergreen
VALLINA	   St. Adalbert
VALLOWA	   Holy Cross
VALLOWE	   Holy Cross
VAN DAN ELZEN	   Holy Cross
VANBUREN	   Mt. Evergreen
VANHOOSER	   Mt. Evergreen
VANSTRATTON	   Mt. Evergreen
VARADIN	   St. Adalbert
VARADY	   Holy Cross
VARNER	   Holy Cross
VAUGHN	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
VAWTER	   Mt. Evergreen
VEIT	   Mt. Evergreen
VERBAIS	   Mt. Evergreen
VERLIN	   Holy Cross
VERMILLION	   Holy Cross
VITALE	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
VLAHEK	   St. Adalbert
VODDE	   Holy Cross
VOELKER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
VOELLINGER	   Holy Cross
VOGEL	   Mt. Evergreen
VOGES	   Mt. Evergreen
VOGLER	   Holy Cross
VOGT	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
VOGTILLA	   Holy Cross
VOIGT	   St. Adalbert
VOLKMAN/N	   Mt. Evergreen
VOLLMER	   Holy Cross
VOLOSKI	   Mt. Evergreen
VONNAHME	   Holy Cross
VORDTREIDE	   Mt. Evergreen
VORNBAUM	   St. Adalbert
VOUDRIE	   Holy Cross

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