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Holy Cross, Mt. Evergreen, and St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Cemeteries Burial Index, St. Clair County, Illinois

Se Sz

This web page provides an index to more than 3000 different family names found on 7800 tombstones in the above named cemeteries. Full inscriptions are available for purchase in separate cemetery publications here. Additional burials in 140+ county cemeteries are located here.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 25 Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township, at the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50. Burials date from 19072000. Holy Cross and Mt. Carmel (Belleville) received bodies originally buried in St. Henry Catholic Cemetery (East St. Louis) when that cemetery had to be relocated. This index represents nearly 3000 burials in Holy Cross.

Burials in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery date from 19141997. It is the single most important burial place of Polish Catholics in the county. In addition to tombstones readings, this index includes names from unmarked gravesites found in the sexton's book. The cemetery is located on the southwestern edge of Fairview Heights, near Belleville. More than 2400 tombstones are represented here.

Mt. Evergreen is the City Cemetery of Millstadt, Illinois. Burials date from 19081996. Over 2400 tombstones are represented in this index.

SEATON	   Holy Cross
SEBASTIAN	   Mt. Evergreen
SEDLACEK	   St. Adalbert
SEDLACK	   St. Adalbert
SEDLAK	   St. Adalbert
SEIB	   Mt. Evergreen
SEIBERT	   Holy Cross
SEIFRIED	   Mt. Evergreen
SEIGEL	   St. Adalbert
SEIM	   Holy Cross
SEITZ	   Mt. Evergreen
SELF	   Holy Cross
SELLNER	   Mt. Evergreen
SEMMLER	   Mt. Evergreen
SENG	   Holy Cross
SENSEL	   Mt. Evergreen
SEPER	   St. Adalbert
SEPIOL	   St. Adalbert
SERGOFF	   Holy Cross
SERWATKA	   St. Adalbert
SETTLE	   Holy Cross
SHABELSKI	   Holy Cross
SHAFFNER	   Holy Cross
SHALK	   St. Adalbert
SHANNON	   Holy Cross
SHARVER	   Mt. Evergreen
SHAUER	   Mt. Evergreen
SHEEHAN	   Holy Cross
SHEEHEY	   Holy Cross
SHELBY	   Holy Cross
SHELINE	   Holy Cross
SHELLITO	   Holy Cross
SHELTON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SHEMOSKIE	   Holy Cross
SHERRELL	   Mt. Evergreen
SHERRON	   Holy Cross
SHETTERLY	   Holy Cross
SHIMONO	   Holy Cross
SHOLL	   Holy Cross
SHONDY	   Holy Cross
SHOWERS	   Holy Cross
SHRODES	   Holy Cross
SHULTZ	   Holy Cross
SIATKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SICTOR	   St. Adalbert
SIEBER	   Mt. Evergreen
SIEBERT	   Mt. Evergreen
SIEKIERSKI	   St. Adalbert
SIEKMAN	   Holy Cross
SIEKMANN	   Holy Cross
SIEMER	   Holy Cross
SIEMNIEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
SIENKIEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
SIERON	   St. Adalbert
SIEVENECK	   Mt. Evergreen
SIKES	   Mt. Evergreen
SIKORA	   St. Adalbert
SIKORSKI	   St. Adalbert
SILLAS	   Holy Cross
SILLIMAN	   Holy Cross
SILVA	   Holy Cross
SIMMONDS	   Mt. Evergreen
SIMMONS	   Holy Cross
SIMON	   Holy Cross
SIMONIN	   Holy Cross
SIMONS	   Holy Cross
SIMPSON	   Holy Cross
SIMSHAUSER	   Holy Cross
SINE	   St. Adalbert
SINN	   Mt. Evergreen
SIRGO	   St. Adalbert
SIRTAK	   St. Adalbert
SISIK	   St. Adalbert
SIVOUTEK	   St. Adalbert
SKAER	   Mt. Evergreen
SKAGGS	   Holy Cross
SKARO	   St. Adalbert
SKELLY	   Holy Cross
SKIBNIEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SKIRVIN	   Mt. Evergreen
SKLODOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
SKLODOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SKOSKI	   St. Adalbert
SKOWRON	   St. Adalbert
SKRABACZ	   St. Adalbert
SKRABAIS	   St. Adalbert
SKRINECK	   St. Adalbert
SKROVATZ	   St. Adalbert
SKRZYSZOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SLAGLE	   Holy Cross
SLATTERY	   Holy Cross
SLIMENT	   Mt. Evergreen
SLINKARD	   Mt. Evergreen
SLOVEY	   St. Adalbert
SLOWIK	   St. Adalbert
SLUSARCZYK	   St. Adalbert
SMAKOWSKICH	   St. Adalbert
SMALL	   Holy Cross
SMALLENBERGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SMIAROWSKA	   St. Adalbert
SMITH	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
SMOLAREK	   St. Adalbert
SMOLIK	   St. Adalbert
SMOOT	   Holy Cross
SNERREW	   St. Adalbert
SNIDER	   St. Adalbert
SOBIERALSKA	   St. Adalbert
SOBIERALSKI	   St. Adalbert
SOKALSKY	   Holy Cross
SOKOLISH	   Holy Cross
SOLTYS	   St. Adalbert
SOMMERFELD	   Mt. Evergreen
SOMRATY	   St. Adalbert
SORGEA	   Holy Cross
SORY	   Holy Cross
SOTKO	   St. Adalbert
SOVACKI	   St. Adalbert
SOVASKI	   St. Adalbert
SOWCHEK	   St. Adalbert
SOWUL	   St. Adalbert
SPAHAR	   Holy Cross
SPAIN	   Holy Cross
SPANGLER	   St. Adalbert
SPARWASSER	   Mt. Evergreen
SPEARS	   Holy Cross
SPEICHINGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SPENGLER	   Holy Cross
SPERRY	   Mt. Evergreen
SPITZER	   Holy Cross
SPLAIN	   Holy Cross
SPONEMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
SPREZYNSKI	   St. Adalbert
SPRINGLEY	   Holy Cross
SQUIRE	   Mt. Evergreen
ST. JOHN	   Holy Cross
STAHLHEBER	   Holy Cross
STALLINGS	   Holy Cross
STALLMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
STALLONS	   Holy Cross
STAMAS	   St. Adalbert
STAMPS	   Holy Cross
STANDLY	   Holy Cross
STANNERS	   Holy Cross
STANOVICH	   St. Adalbert
STARK	   Mt. Evergreen
STARKEY	   St. Adalbert
STARKS	   Holy Cross
STARKS	   Mt. Evergreen
STARNES	   Mt. Evergreen
STARR	   St. Adalbert
STARZYK	   St. Adalbert
STASIAK	   St. Adalbert
STATEN	   Holy Cross
STAUDER	   Holy Cross
STEADMAN	   Holy Cross
STEFANIK	   St. Adalbert
STEFF	   Holy Cross
STEGMEYER	   Holy Cross
STEIN	   Mt. Evergreen
STEINBRINK	   Holy Cross
STEINHARDT	   Holy Cross
STELMACH	   St. Adalbert
STENZEL	   Mt. Evergreen
STEPANEK	   St. Adalbert
STEPHANICK	   St. Adalbert
STEPNOESKI	   St. Adalbert
STEPNOVSKI	   St. Adalbert
STEPNOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
STEPPIG	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
STERR	   Holy Cross
STEVENSON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
STEWARD	   Holy Cross
STEWART	   Holy Cross
STIEBER	   St. Adalbert
STILLMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
STITES	   St. Adalbert
STITZEL	   Holy Cross
STOCKTON	   Holy Cross
STOEBER	   Mt. Evergreen
STOJANIC	   St. Adalbert
STOKES	   Holy Cross
STOLTZ	   Holy Cross
STOLZE	   Holy Cross
STONE	   Mt. Evergreen
STOREY	   St. Adalbert
STORTZUM	   Mt. Evergreen
STRAHASH	   St. Adalbert
STRAKOSH	   St. Adalbert
STRANGE	   Holy Cross
STRATMANN	   Holy Cross
STRAUCH	   Holy Cross
STRAUSS	   Mt. Evergreen
STRECKER	   Holy Cross
STREUL	   Holy Cross
STRICKLAND	   Holy Cross
STRINGER	   Holy Cross
STROH	   Holy Cross
STRONG	   Holy Cross
STROTHMANN	   Holy Cross
STRUBLE	   Holy Cross
STUECK	   Mt. Evergreen
STUMPF	   Mt. Evergreen
STYGAR	   St. Adalbert
SUAREZ	   Holy Cross
SUBODA	   Mt. Evergreen
SUDA	   St. Adalbert
SUDDETH	   Holy Cross
SUESS	   Mt. Evergreen
SUESSMAN	   Holy Cross
SUITS	   Mt. Evergreen
SULLIVAN	   Holy Cross
SUMMERS	   Holy Cross
SUMOSKI	   St. Adalbert
SURGALSKI	   Mt. Evergreen
SURMA	   St. Adalbert
SURWALD	   Holy Cross
SUTKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SUTTER	   Mt. Evergreen
SUTTON	   Holy Cross
SUYO	   St. Adalbert
SWAN	   Holy Cross
SWEARENGIN	   Holy Cross
SWEENEY	   Holy Cross
SWENGROSS	   Holy Cross
SWIATEK	   St. Adalbert
SWIERCZEK	   St. Adalbert
SWINDERMAN7,24,38,52	   Mt. Evergreen
SWISTAK	   Mt. Evergreen
SWITALA	   Holy Cross
SYZDEK	   St. Adalbert
SZABLOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
SZABLOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SZAZARZ	   St. Adalbert
SZCZEPANIK	   St. Adalbert
SZCZUREK	   St. Adalbert
SZCZUTKOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
SZCZYGIEL	   Holy Cross
SZCZYGIEL	   St. Adalbert
SZELACH	   St. Adalbert
SZELEGIEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
SZEWCZYK	   St. Adalbert
SZEZUREK	   St. Adalbert
SZMIROWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SZOSTAK	   Holy Cross
SZWEDO	   St. Adalbert
SZYMANSKA	   St. Adalbert
SZYMANSKI	   St. Adalbert
SZYMCZAK	   St. Adalbert
SZYMULA	   St. Adalbert
SZYSWIK	   St. Adalbert

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