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Holy Cross, Mt. Evergreen, and St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Cemeteries Burial Index, St. Clair County, Illinois

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This web page provides an index to more than 3000 different family names found on 7800 tombstones in the above named cemeteries. Full inscriptions are available for purchase in separate cemetery publications here. Additional burials in 140+ county cemeteries are located here.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 25 Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township, at the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50. Burials date from 19072000. Holy Cross and Mt. Carmel (Belleville) received bodies originally buried in St. Henry Catholic Cemetery (East St. Louis) when that cemetery had to be relocated. This index represents nearly 3000 burials in Holy Cross.

Burials in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery date from 19141997. It is the single most important burial place of Polish Catholics in the county. In addition to tombstones readings, this index includes names from unmarked gravesites found in the sexton's book. The cemetery is located on the southwestern edge of Fairview Heights, near Belleville. More than 2400 tombstones are represented here.

Mt. Evergreen is the City Cemetery of Millstadt, Illinois. Burials date from 19081996. Over 2400 tombstones are represented in this index.

RADEL	   Mt. Evergreen
RADON	   St. Adalbert
RADZIKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RAFALOWSKI	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
RAHMANN	   Mt. Evergreen
RAJALOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RAJKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RAKOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
RAKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RAKUSTYS	   St. Adalbert
RAMATOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RAMIREZ	   Holy Cross
RAMOTOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RANGE	   Holy Cross
RANGEL	   Holy Cross
RAPP	   Holy Cross
RASIN	   St. Adalbert
RATAJ	   St. Adalbert
RATAY	   St. Adalbert
RATHMACHER	   Mt. Evergreen
RATUSINSKA	   St. Adalbert
RATZ	   St. Adalbert
RAU	   Holy Cross
RAUCH	   Mt. Evergreen
RAUTENBURG	   Holy Cross
RAUTINBERG	   Holy Cross
RAY	   Holy Cross
RAYMAN	   Holy Cross
REAGAN	   Holy Cross
REAY	   Holy Cross
RECKLEIN	   Holy Cross
REDDEN	   Holy Cross
REDMAN	   St. Adalbert
REEB	   Holy Cross
REED	   Holy Cross
REEDER	   Holy Cross
REEVES	   Holy Cross
REHAK	   St. Adalbert
REHG	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
REHLING	   Mt. Evergreen
REICHARDT	   Holy Cross
REICHERT	   Mt. Evergreen
REICHLING	   Mt. Evergreen
REID	   Mt. Evergreen
REIFERS	   Holy Cross
REIMILLER	   Holy Cross
REINHARDT	   Mt. Evergreen
REINIGER	   Holy Cross
REITHER	   Holy Cross
REITZ	   Mt. Evergreen
REMBISH	   St. Adalbert
REMBISZ	   St. Adalbert
REMESZUK	   St. Adalbert
REMILIUS	   Mt. Evergreen
REMIRES	   St. Adalbert
REMKE	   Holy Cross
RENGAL	   St. Adalbert
RENICK	   St. Adalbert
RENNER	   Mt. Evergreen
RENOIS	   Holy Cross
REPELEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
RETTLE	   Mt. Evergreen
REUTER	   Holy Cross
REY	   Mt. Evergreen
REYNOLDS	   Holy Cross
RHEDEMEYER	   Holy Cross
RHEINECKER	   Holy Cross
RIBBING	   St. Adalbert
RICH	   Holy Cross
RICHARDS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
RICHMANN	   Mt. Evergreen
RICHMOND	   Mt. Evergreen
RICKARD	   Mt. Evergreen
RICKS	   Mt. Evergreen
RIEDEL	   Mt. Evergreen
RILEY	   Holy Cross
RIPPLINGER	   Holy Cross
RISAVY	   St. Adalbert
RIST	   Mt. Evergreen
RIVERA	   Holy Cross
ROACH	   Holy Cross
ROBERTS	   Holy Cross
ROBERTSON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
ROBINSON	   Holy Cross
ROCHE	   Holy Cross
RODAK	   St. Adalbert
RODEMICH	   Mt. Evergreen
RODGERS	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
RODIGAZ	   St. Adalbert
RODRIGUEZ	   Holy Cross
ROEDIGER	   Mt. Evergreen
ROEDNER	   Holy Cross
ROENICKE	   Mt. Evergreen
ROEWE	   Holy Cross
ROGERS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
ROHR	   Mt. Evergreen
ROHRBACH	   Holy Cross
ROKITA	   St. Adalbert
ROLEK	   St. Adalbert
ROLLO	   Holy Cross
ROMATOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
RONAN	   Holy Cross
ROOS	   Mt. Evergreen
ROS	   Mt. Evergreen
ROSE	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
ROSENBERGER	   Mt. Evergreen
ROSLAWSKA	   St. Adalbert
ROSS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
ROTH	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
ROUSTIO	   Holy Cross
ROWAN	   Holy Cross
ROWE	   Holy Cross
RUBIN	   St. Adalbert
RUCKI	   St. Adalbert
RUDEL	   Mt. Evergreen
RUDLUFF	   Holy Cross
RUDOLF	   Mt. Evergreen
RUDOLPH	   Mt. Evergreen
RUEBEL	   Holy Cross
RUEFF	   Holy Cross
RUEMMLER	   Mt. Evergreen
RUFF	   St. Adalbert
RUHMANN	   Mt. Evergreen
RUIZ	   Mt. Evergreen
RUJAWITZ	   Mt. Evergreen
RULE	   Mt. Evergreen
RUNG	   Holy Cross
RUNGE	   Holy Cross
RUPACZ	   St. Adalbert
RUPEIKA	   Holy Cross
RUPERT	   Holy Cross
RUPPEL	   Mt. Evergreen
RUSH	   Holy Cross
RUSSELL	   Holy Cross
RUST	   St. Adalbert
RUTCZYKI	   St. Adalbert
RUZZITTE	   Mt. Evergreen
RYAN	   Holy Cross
RYBSKI	   St. Adalbert
RYZNER	   St. Adalbert
RZASKI	   St. Adalbert
RZESZUTEK	   St. Adalbert
SAAK	   Holy Cross
SABOL	   St. Adalbert
SACHS	   Holy Cross
SACKBAUER	   Mt. Evergreen
SADKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SADOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
SAENGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SAHR	   Holy Cross
SAI--	   Holy Cross
SAK	   St. Adalbert
SALEH	   Holy Cross
SALVOSKI	   St. Adalbert
SAMELTON	   Holy Cross
SAMMON	   Holy Cross
SAMOSKA	   Holy Cross
SAMUELSON	   Holy Cross
SANDER	   Mt. Evergreen
SANDERS	   Holy Cross
SANDLIN	   Mt. Evergreen
SANDOR	   Holy Cross
SANDS	   Holy Cross
SARGENT	   Holy Cross
SARNECKI	   St. Adalbert
SASAK	   St. Adalbert
SATNIK	   St. Adalbert
SATTER	   Mt. Evergreen
SAUGET	   Holy Cross
SAUL	   Mt. Evergreen
SAULYS	   Holy Cross
SAUNDERS	   Holy Cross
SAUTHOFF	   Mt. Evergreen
SAWCZUK	   St. Adalbert
SAWOL	   St. Adalbert
SCANNELL	   Holy Cross
SCANTLEN	   Holy Cross
SCHAD	   Holy Cross
SCHAEFER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHAEFFER	   Holy Cross
SCHAFFNER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHALLOM	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHAMBON	   Holy Cross
SCHANZ	   Holy Cross
SCHAPER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHARF	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHARTZER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHEIB	   Holy Cross
SCHEIBEL	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHEIFFLER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHELLHASE	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHERER	   Holy Cross
SCHEUFLER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHIEMER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHILLER	   St. Adalbert
SCHILLING	   Holy Cross
SCHINDLER	   Holy Cross
SCHIOPEN	   St. Adalbert
SCHIRMER	   Holy Cross
SCHLAKE	   Holy Cross
SCHLECHT	   Holy Cross
SCHLEICHER	   Holy Cross
SCHLESINGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHLOETER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHLUETER	   St. Adalbert
SCHLUNEGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHMELTER	   Holy Cross
SCHMELTZER	   Holy Cross
SCHMERSAHL	   Holy Cross
SCHMID	   Holy Cross
SCHMIDT	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHMIERBACH	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHMISKIE	   Holy Cross
SCHMITT	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHMITZ	   Holy Cross
SCHNEEBERGER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHNEIDER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHOEBEL	   Holy Cross
SCHOENING	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHOENLAU	   Holy Cross
SCHOMAS	   Holy Cross
SCHOPF	   Holy Cross
SCHOPPE	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHORNICK	   Holy Cross
SCHORR	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHRADER	   Holy Cross
SCHRAGER	   St. Adalbert
SCHRAND	   Holy Cross
SCHRANZ	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHRODER	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHROEDER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHUBERT	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHUELTER	   Holy Cross
SCHUERGER	   Holy Cross
SCHUETTE	   Holy Cross
SCHUFF	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHULT	   Holy Cross
SCHULTZ	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
SCHULZ	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHULZE	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHUMACHER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHWAB	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHWAHN	   St. Adalbert
SCHWARTZ	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHWARZ	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
SCHWARZE	   Holy Cross
SCHWEIGERT	   Holy Cross
SCHYDT	   Holy Cross
SCH_____	   Holy Cross
SCIBIOR	   St. Adalbert
SCOTT	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
SCRIGET	   St. Adalbert
SCRUGGS	   Holy Cross
SCZENSKA	   St. Adalbert
SCZLIGIEWICZ	   St. Adalbert

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