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Holy Cross, Mt. Evergreen, and St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Cemeteries Burial Index, St. Clair County, Illinois


This web page provides an index to more than 3000 different family names found on 7800 tombstones in the above named cemeteries. Full inscriptions are available for purchase in separate cemetery publications here. Additional burials in 140+ county cemeteries are located here.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 25 Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township, at the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50. Burials date from 19072000. Holy Cross and Mt. Carmel (Belleville) received bodies originally buried in St. Henry Catholic Cemetery (East St. Louis) when that cemetery had to be relocated. This index represents nearly 3000 burials in Holy Cross.

Burials in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery date from 19141997. It is the single most important burial place of Polish Catholics in the county. In addition to tombstones readings, this index includes names from unmarked gravesites found in the sexton's book. The cemetery is located on the southwestern edge of Fairview Heights, near Belleville. More than 2400 tombstones are represented here.

Mt. Evergreen is the City Cemetery of Millstadt, Illinois. Burials date from 19081996. Over 2400 tombstones are represented in this index.

LaBON	   Holy Cross
LABUS	   St. Adalbert
LACASSAGNE	   Holy Cross
LACH	   St. Adalbert
LaCHAPELLE	   Holy Cross
LACZKI	   St. Adalbert
LADA	   St. Adalbert
LADNY	   St. Adalbert
LAKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
LAMBERT	   Holy Cross
LAMBERTUS	   Mt. Evergreen
LAMOTTE	   Holy Cross
LAMPMAN	   Holy Cross
LANCASTER	   Holy Cross
LANE	   St. Adalbert
LANG	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
LANGHAUSER	   Holy Cross
LANNERT	   Holy Cross
LAPANSKI	   St. Adalbert
LAQUET	   Holy Cross
LARKIN	   St. Adalbert
LAROSE	   Holy Cross
LASHLEY	   Mt. Evergreen
LASKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
LATA	   St. Adalbert
LAUBNER	   Mt. Evergreen
LAUDENBERG	   Holy Cross
LAUFER	   Mt. Evergreen
LAUGHLIN	   Holy Cross
LAUTH	   Mt. Evergreen
LAW	   Mt. Evergreen
LAWS	   Mt. Evergreen
LAY	   Holy Cross
LAYNE	   Holy Cross
LAYTON	   Holy Cross
LECHOWICZ	   St. Adalbert
LEDBETTER	   Holy Cross
LEE	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
LEEZY	   Holy Cross
LEHAN	   Holy Cross
LEHEN	   Holy Cross
LEHMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
LEHR	   Mt. Evergreen
LEIBER	   Mt. Evergreen
LEIMER	   Mt. Evergreen
LEINGANG	   Mt. Evergreen
LEITHNER	   Holy Cross
LEMANSKA	   St. Adalbert
LEMANSKI	   St. Adalbert
LEMANSKY	   St. Adalbert
LEMANSKYH	   St. Adalbert
LEMLER	   Holy Cross
LEMMER	   Mt. Evergreen
LEMP	   Holy Cross
LEONARD	   Holy Cross
LEPP	   Mt. Evergreen
LEROY	   Holy Cross
LESYGANICH	   St. Adalbert
LeTEMPT	   Holy Cross
LEVELING	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
LEWIS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
LIBERA	   St. Adalbert
LIEBGOTT	   Mt. Evergreen
LIEBIG	   Holy Cross
LIEBMEIER	   Holy Cross
LIKERT	   Holy Cross
LILL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
LILLE	   Mt. Evergreen
LILLEY	   Mt. Evergreen
LIMPER	   Mt. Evergreen
LINDAUER	   Mt. Evergreen
LINDER	   Mt. Evergreen
LINDLEY	   Mt. Evergreen
LINDSEY	   Holy Cross
LINGENFELDER	   Mt. Evergreen
LINKEY	   St. Adalbert
LINNERTZ	   Holy Cross
LIPINSKI	   St. Adalbert
LIPPERT	   Mt. Evergreen
LISZKA	   St. Adalbert
LITKE	   Mt. Evergreen
LITTLE	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
LLOYD	   Mt. Evergreen
LODNEY	   St. Adalbert
LOEWE	   Mt. Evergreen
LOGGINS	   Mt. Evergreen
LOGNER	   Mt. Evergreen
LOLESS	   Mt. Evergreen
LONERGAN	   Holy Cross
LONG	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
LONSKI	   St. Adalbert
LOPEZ	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
LOPSITAS	   Holy Cross
LORSON	   Holy Cross
LOTTER	   Holy Cross
LOTZ	   Mt. Evergreen
LOUVIER	   Holy Cross
LOVE	   Holy Cross
LOWE	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
LUBAK	   St. Adalbert
LUBECK	   Holy Cross
LUBERDA	   St. Adalbert
LUCKHART	   Mt. Evergreen
LUCZ	   St. Adalbert
LUDDEN	   Holy Cross
LUDWIG	   Mt. Evergreen
LUEPKER	   Mt. Evergreen
LUETTGER	   Mt. Evergreen
LUETZELSCHWAB	   Mt. Evergreen
LUKAC	   St. Adalbert
LUKACH	   St. Adalbert
LUKASIK	   St. Adalbert
LUKOSKI	   St. Adalbert
LUKSZA	   St. Adalbert
LUNDY	   Holy Cross
LUPA	   St. Adalbert
LUPO	   Holy Cross
LUSCOMB	   Holy Cross
LUSZOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
LYLES	   Holy Cross
MAAS	   Mt. Evergreen
MABRY	   Mt. Evergreen
MacDONALD	   Holy Cross
MACIOROWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MACKLIN	   Holy Cross
MACKO	   St. Adalbert
MACKOWIAK	   St. Adalbert
MACOVEY	   Holy Cross
MACZKO	   St. Adalbert
MADDEN	   Holy Cross
MADEJ	   St. Adalbert
MADIGAN	   Holy Cross
MADURA	   St. Adalbert
MAGARIAN	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
MAGAS	   St. Adalbert
MAGIERA	   St. Adalbert
MAHER	   Holy Cross
MAIER	   Mt. Evergreen
MAILLOT	   Holy Cross
MAJAK	   St. Adalbert
MAJCHROWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MAJEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MAJKA	   St. Adalbert
MAKAREWICZ	   St. Adalbert
MAKOSKI	   St. Adalbert
MAKOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MALEC	   St. Adalbert
MALINASKI	   St. Adalbert
MALINOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MALINSKI	   St. Adalbert
MALISIEKI	   St. Adalbert
MALISNEWSKY	   St. Adalbert
MALISZEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MALISZEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MALLAELY	   Holy Cross
MALONE	   Mt. Evergreen
MALUSECKI	   St. Adalbert
MAMINO	   Holy Cross
MANDA	   Holy Cross
MANEY	   Mt. Evergreen
MANSO	   Holy Cross
MANTYCH	   St. Adalbert
MAPPES	   Mt. Evergreen
MARCINIAK	   St. Adalbert
MAREK	   St. Adalbert
MARGACZ	   St. Adalbert
MARGULEN	   St. Adalbert
MARION	   Holy Cross
MARKERT	   Holy Cross
MARKHAM	   St. Adalbert
MARKOS	   Holy Cross
MARKS	   Holy Cross
MARLIN	   Holy Cross
MARSCILLETTE	   Mt. Evergreen
MARSDEN	   Mt. Evergreen
MARSH	   St. Adalbert
MARSHALL	   Holy Cross
MARSHEL	   Holy Cross
MARSZALEK	   St. Adalbert
MARTIN	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MARTINEZ	   St. Adalbert
MARTINI	   St. Adalbert
MARTZ	   Holy Cross
MARXER	   Mt. Evergreen
MASCHHOFF	   Mt. Evergreen
MASERANG	   Mt. Evergreen
MASLANKA	   St. Adalbert
MASON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MASTERS	   Mt. Evergreen
MASTOWICH	   St. Adalbert
MASULAS	   Holy Cross
MASUR	   Holy Cross
MATERKA	   St. Adalbert
MATHEWS	   Holy Cross
MATHIS	   Holy Cross
MATTHEWS	   Holy Cross
MAUER	   Mt. Evergreen
MAUL	   Mt. Evergreen
MAUTHERLE	   Mt. Evergreen
MAXFIELD	   Holy Cross
MAY	   Holy Cross
MAYER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MAYS	   Holy Cross
MAZALEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MAZIARZ	   St. Adalbert
MAZO	   St. Adalbert
MAZUREK	   St. Adalbert
McADAMS	   Holy Cross
McARTHUR	   Holy Cross
McBRIDE	   Holy Cross
McBRIDE	   Mt. Evergreen
McCAIN	   Mt. Evergreen
McCALL	   Holy Cross
McCALLISTER	   Holy Cross
McCALOP	   Holy Cross
McCANN	   Holy Cross
McCART	   Holy Cross
McCASLAND	   Mt. Evergreen
MCCLURE	   St. Adalbert
McCONKEY	   Mt. Evergreen
McCOSH	   Holy Cross
McCOY	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
McCRACKEN	   Holy Cross
McCUNE	   Holy Cross
McDONALD	   Holy Cross
McDONOUGH	   Holy Cross
McDOUGALL	   Mt. Evergreen
MCDOWELL	   St. Adalbert
McELLIGOTT	   Holy Cross
McELRATH	   Holy Cross
McFADDEN	   Holy Cross
McGOVERN	   Holy Cross
McGUFFIN	   Holy Cross
McHUGH	   Holy Cross
McKASSON	   Holy Cross
McKENNA	   Holy Cross
McKENZIE	   Holy Cross
McLAREN	   Mt. Evergreen
McMEEN	   Mt. Evergreen
McMILLAN	   Holy Cross
McMILLIAN	   Holy Cross
McMULLEN	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
McNAUGHTON	   Holy Cross
MCNEIL	   St. Adalbert
McRATH	   Holy Cross
McSHERRY	   Mt. Evergreen
McWHORTER	   Mt. Evergreen
MEADE	   Holy Cross
MECH	   St. Adalbert
MEDLEY	   St. Adalbert
MEHL	   Mt. Evergreen
MEHRMANN	   Mt. Evergreen
MEHRTENS	   Mt. Evergreen
MEILE	   Holy Cross
MEISTER	   St. Adalbert
MELAHN	   Holy Cross
MELER	   St. Adalbert
MENA	   Holy Cross
MENCKOWSKI	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
MENDICA	   Holy Cross
MENDOZA	   Holy Cross
MENDRYS	   St. Adalbert
MENEES	   Mt. Evergreen
MENKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MERCHANT	   Holy Cross
MERCHUT	   St. Adalbert
MERKEL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MEROD	   Mt. Evergreen
MERONEK	   St. Adalbert
MERTZ	   Mt. Evergreen
MESSMER	   Holy Cross
METHIER	   Mt. Evergreen
METZGER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
METZLER	   Mt. Evergreen
MEURER	   Holy Cross
MEYER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MEZYK	   St. Adalbert
MI-MAN	   Holy Cross
MICEK	   St. Adalbert
MICHEL	   Mt. Evergreen
MIDDENDORF	   Holy Cross
MIDDLETON	   Holy Cross
MIELARSKI	   St. Adalbert
MIERZEJEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MIERZEJEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MIESZCZAK	   St. Adalbert
MIEZCIEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
MIKITA	   St. Adalbert
MIKUCKI	   St. Adalbert
MILARSKI	   St. Adalbert
MILES	   Holy Cross
MILEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MILLER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
MILLICK	   Holy Cross
MILLS	   Holy Cross
MINDER	   Holy Cross
MINER	   Holy Cross
MIRONEK	   St. Adalbert
MIRSLASKA	   St. Adalbert
MITCHELL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
MITTELSTETTER	   Mt. Evergreen
MIZULSKI	   St. Adalbert
MODGLIN	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
MODROVSKY	   Holy Cross
MOEHLE	   Holy Cross
MOEHRING	   St. Adalbert
MOERS	   Holy Cross
MOLINA	   St. Adalbert
MOLLA	   Holy Cross
MOLLMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
MOLNER	   Holy Cross
MONAGHAN	   Holy Cross
MONGAN	   Holy Cross
MONTE	   St. Adalbert
MONTINE	   Holy Cross
MOONEY	   Holy Cross
MOORE	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MORALES	   Holy Cross
MORAN	   Holy Cross
MORAWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MORELIS	   St. Adalbert
MORENO	   St. Adalbert
MORGAN	   Holy Cross
MORIARTY	   Holy Cross
MORRIS	   Holy Cross
MORRISEY	   Holy Cross
MOSER	   Holy Cross
MOSLEY	   Holy Cross
MOSON	   St. Adalbert
MOSS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
MOTANZAS	   St. Adalbert
MOTEKAITIS	   St. Adalbert
MOTIKAITIS	   St. Adalbert
MOTSCH	   Holy Cross
MOTTER	   Holy Cross
MOTYKA	   St. Adalbert
MOTYKAJTUS	   St. Adalbert
MOTYKAJTYS	   St. Adalbert
MOTYL	   St. Adalbert
MOUSION	   Holy Cross
MROCZKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
MROZ	   St. Adalbert
MRSICH	   Holy Cross
MUDD	   Holy Cross
MUELLER	   Mt. Evergreen
MUETH	   Mt. Evergreen
MUETHER	   Mt. Evergreen
MUFFO	   St. Adalbert
MUHEK	   St. Adalbert
MULLIGAN	   Holy Cross
MULVANEY	   Holy Cross
MUNIZ	   Holy Cross
MUNSON	   Mt. Evergreen
MURON	   St. Adalbert
MURPHY	   Holy Cross
MURRAY	   Holy Cross
MUSCIAL	   St. Adalbert
MUSCKOPF	   Mt. Evergreen
MUSIAL	   St. Adalbert
MUSIELAK	   St. Adalbert
MUSKOPF	   Mt. Evergreen
MUSNOCK	   St. Adalbert
MUYLEART	   St. Adalbert
MYDLO	   St. Adalbert
MYERS	   St. Adalbert
MYRDA	   St. Adalbert
MYZYRI	   Holy Cross
MZAREK	   St. Adalbert

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