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Holy Cross, Mt. Evergreen, and St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Cemeteries Burial Index, St. Clair County, Illinois


This web page provides an index to more than 3000 different family names found on 7800 tombstones in the above named cemeteries. Full inscriptions are available for purchase in separate cemetery publications here. Additional burials in 140+ county cemeteries are located here.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 25 Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township, at the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50. Burials date from 19072000. Holy Cross and Mt. Carmel (Belleville) received bodies originally buried in St. Henry Catholic Cemetery (East St. Louis) when that cemetery had to be relocated. This index represents nearly 3000 burials in Holy Cross.

Burials in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery date from 19141997. It is the single most important burial place of Polish Catholics in the county. In addition to tombstones readings, this index includes names from unmarked gravesites found in the sexton's book. The cemetery is located on the southwestern edge of Fairview Heights, near Belleville. More than 2400 tombstones are represented here.

Mt. Evergreen is the City Cemetery of Millstadt, Illinois. Burials date from 19081996. Over 2400 tombstones are represented in this index.

WACHTEL	   Holy Cross
WACKROW	   Mt. Evergreen
WADE	   Holy Cross
WAELTI	   Mt. Evergreen
WAGNER	   Mt. Evergreen
WAIESVELL	   Holy Cross
WAKEFIELD	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WALCEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
WALCZAK	   St. Adalbert
WALDRON	   Holy Cross
WALKER	   Holy Cross
WALLACE	   Holy Cross
WALSH	   Holy Cross
WALSTON	   Holy Cross
WALTER	   Mt. Evergreen
WALTERS	   Holy Cross
WALTON	   Holy Cross
WALTS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WALZ	   Mt. Evergreen
WARCHOL	   St. Adalbert
WARD	   Holy Cross
WARDEN	   Holy Cross
WARDOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
WARDZALA	   St. Adalbert
WARHOVER	   Holy Cross
WARHUN	   St. Adalbert
WARNER	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WARNHOFF	   Holy Cross
WARZ	   Mt. Evergreen
WARZALA	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WASHINGTON	   Holy Cross
WASIELEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
WASILEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
WASILEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
WASZKIEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
WATKINS	   Holy Cross
WATLAND	   Mt. Evergreen
WATSON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WATTS	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WEBER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WEBSTER	   Holy Cross
WECKERLIN	   Mt. Evergreen
WEDDLE	   Mt. Evergreen
WEDLER	   Mt. Evergreen
WEGESCHEIDE	   Mt. Evergreen
WEGRZYN	   St. Adalbert
WEHRUNG	   Mt. Evergreen
WEIBLE	   Mt. Evergreen
WEICHBROD	   Mt. Evergreen
WEIDLER	   Mt. Evergreen
WEIL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WEILBACHER	   Mt. Evergreen
WEINGARDT	   Mt. Evergreen
WEINGART	   Holy Cross
WEIS	   Mt. Evergreen
WEISENBORN	   Mt. Evergreen
WEISS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WEISSERT	   Holy Cross
WELKER	   Holy Cross
WELLS	   Mt. Evergreen
WELZ	   Mt. Evergreen
WELZBACHER	   Holy Cross
WENC	   St. Adalbert
WENTE	   St. Adalbert
WERLE	   Holy Cross
WERNER	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
WESKOVICH	   Holy Cross
WESSEL	   Mt. Evergreen
WESSLER	   Holy Cross
WESTON	   Mt. Evergreen
WETOSS	   St. Adalbert
WETTEROTH	   Mt. Evergreen
WETZEL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WEYAND	   Holy Cross
WEYGANDT	   Mt. Evergreen
WHALEN	   St. Adalbert
WHEATLEY	   Holy Cross
WHEELER	   Holy Cross
WHELAN	   Mt. Evergreen
WHIGHAM	   Holy Cross
WHITE	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WHITTON	   Holy Cross
WHORLEY	   Holy Cross
WICKE	   Holy Cross
WICKELL	   Mt. Evergreen
WICKER	   Mt. Evergreen
WIEGERS	   Holy Cross
WIEGERT	   Holy Cross
WIELGUS	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WIERCIAK	   St. Adalbert
WIESEMANN	   Holy Cross
WIESENBORN	   Mt. Evergreen
WIKOFF	   Mt. Evergreen
WILBURN	   Holy Cross
WILCOX	   Mt. Evergreen
WILCZYNSKI	   St. Adalbert
WILEM	   Mt. Evergreen
WILEY	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WILKENS	   Holy Cross
WILKES	   St. Adalbert
WILKINS	   Holy Cross
WILKOWICZ	   St. Adalbert
WILL	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WILLE	   Holy Cross
WILLIAMS	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen	   St. Adalbert
WILLIAMSON	   Holy Cross
WILLIS	   Holy Cross
WILLMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
WILSON	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WINDHAUS	   Holy Cross
WINDHORST	   Mt. Evergreen
WINDSOR	   Mt. Evergreen
WINKER	   Mt. Evergreen
WINTERHOFF	   Mt. Evergreen
WINTERS	   Holy Cross
WIRTH	   Mt. Evergreen
WISNASKY	   Holy Cross
WISNIEWSKI	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
WISSIG	   Mt. Evergreen
WITEK	   St. Adalbert
WITHERS	   Mt. Evergreen
WITOS	   St. Adalbert
WITOSZ	   St. Adalbert
WITSCHOREK	   Holy Cross
WITT	   Holy Cross
WITTMER	   Mt. Evergreen
WOBBE	   Holy Cross
WOCEL	   Holy Cross
WOESTHAUS	   Holy Cross
WOFFORD	   Holy Cross
WOJCIK	   St. Adalbert
WOJNICZ	   St. Adalbert
WOJTCZUK	   St. Adalbert
WOJTKUS	   St. Adalbert
WOJTZCZUK	   St. Adalbert
WOLF	   Mt. Evergreen
WOLFE	   Mt. Evergreen
WOLLBRINCK	   Holy Cross
WOLONCZEWICZ	   St. Adalbert
WONDOLOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
WONDOLOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
WOOD	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WOODIEST	   Holy Cross
WOODRUFF	   Holy Cross
WOODS	   Holy Cross
WOODSON	   Holy Cross
WOODWARD	   Holy Cross
WOODY	   St. Adalbert
WOOLDRIDGE	   Holy Cross
WOOLENS	   Holy Cross
WORLOW	   Mt. Evergreen
WORNAROWICZ	   St. Adalbert
WORSHAM	   Holy Cross
WOZNIAK	   St. Adalbert
WOZNY	   St. Adalbert
WREADY	   Holy Cross
WREN	   Holy Cross
WRIGHT	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
WROBEL	   St. Adalbert
WROZ	   St. Adalbert
WRZESNIAK	   St. Adalbert
WULSCH	   Holy Cross
WUMICK	   St. Adalbert
WYKOFF	   Holy Cross
WYLIE	   Holy Cross
WYSOCKI	   St. Adalbert
WYSZYNSKI	   St. Adalbert
WZOREK	   St. Adalbert
YAKUBOVICH	   St. Adalbert
YASHO	   Holy Cross
YATES	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
YETTKE	   St. Adalbert
YOUNG	   Holy Cross	   Mt. Evergreen
YOUNGE	   Holy Cross
YOUNGMAN	   Mt. Evergreen
YOUN[YOUGN]	   Holy Cross
ZABAWA	   St. Adalbert
ZACHARA	   St. Adalbert
ZAGORSKA	   St. Adalbert
ZAGORSKI	   Holy Cross
ZAGORSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZAGRABSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZAGROBA	   St. Adalbert
ZAHARA	   St. Adalbert
ZAHN	   Mt. Evergreen
ZAJA	   St. Adalbert
ZAJAC	   St. Adalbert
ZAJKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZALESKA	   St. Adalbert
ZALESKI	   St. Adalbert
ZALEWSKA	   St. Adalbert
ZALEWSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZALOGA	   St. Adalbert
ZALUSKA	   St. Adalbert
ZAPART	   St. Adalbert
ZAPKA	   St. Adalbert
ZASKI	   St. Adalbert
ZASZUTEK	   St. Adalbert
ZATKOSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZAUSKA	   St. Adalbert
ZAVADINKA	   St. Adalbert
ZAWASKI	   St. Adalbert
ZELECHOWSKA	   St. Adalbert
ZELECHOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZELINSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZELLER	   Mt. Evergreen
ZEMEK	   St. Adalbert
ZEPECKI	   St. Adalbert
ZERING	   Holy Cross
ZESZUTEK	   St. Adalbert
ZIAJA	   St. Adalbert
ZIELINSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZIEMBA	   St. Adalbert
ZIENTARA	   St. Adalbert
ZIMBELMANN	   Mt. Evergreen
ZIMMER	   Holy Cross
ZIMMERMAN	   Holy Cross	   St. Adalbert
ZINGG	   Mt. Evergreen
ZINTARA	   St. Adalbert
ZIRCHER	   Mt. Evergreen
ZITTEL	   Holy Cross
ZOLLNER	   Holy Cross
ZUBER	   Holy Cross
ZUKOWSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZURICK	   St. Adalbert
ZUROWSKI	   St. Adalbert
ZYCH	   St. Adalbert
ZYSK	   Holy Cross

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